Notification about shipment to Belgium have delay due to strikes

  • Dear valued customer,

    Informed by carriers, all shipments transported or shipped to Belgium were delayed by one to two working days due to a nationwide strike in Belgium. The specific information is as follows.

    1. Ground Service Company (Aviapartner/Swissport/WFS): The pick-up and transshipment work is suspended, resulting in the cargo can not be transported to the operation center;
    2. Flight cancellations/delays: cancellations of multiple sorties, delays or landings in surrounding countries;
    3. Road Interception: Several roads across the country were temporarily closed, including Airport Industrial zones;
    4. Domestic Delivery: Delivery of parcels in Belgium was interrupted for 1 day.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused, thanks for your always support!

    SFC Service ltd

    Feb 14,2019